Gambler’s Blues

MARCH 21, 2012 by Jesse Selengut

There are so many ways to gamble in New York. ┬áHere’s a list that effect me personally and influence my life on just about every level.

  1. Busking – what / who are we going to encounter everyday?
  2. Playing a new venue – will we get paid? how are acoustics? do they have sound equipment that actually works?
  3. Travel – so much can go wrong on the road – is it worth it?
  4. Dating – will I be bored? Is this person secretly crazy?
  5. Danish Poker Web Sites – does wasting time on the web actually reduce stress and enrich my life?

I could list a bunch more but let’s just say you win some and you lose some. If you think you are ahead you have to not get sloppy. If you think you are behind you have to get hungry. Everything can pay off: we get to play in the Park more days than we don’t. Eventually we’ll find the perfect home venue in Manhattan for us. Our second trip to North Carolina will be a little better than the first. I have a girl in my life right now that I really dig. I really never play online poker, though. There are enough challenges already.